The Batman: Christian Bale Passed THIS Advice To Robert Pattinson To Get Into The Cape With Perfection
The Batman: Christian Bale Passed THIS Advice To Robert Pattinson To Get Into The Cape With Perfection (Photo Credit – Getty)

The Batman teaser featuring Robert Pattinson and helmed by Matt Reeves is finally here making even every non-DC fan go crazy about it. Christian Bale’s Batman would surely be at the top position for many as far as fans of this superhero are concerned.

Interestingly, Rob got very subtle advice for his predecessor Bale for getting into Batman’s cape. The very complex character of Bruce Wayne requires a certain level of state of mind and that’s what this advice by Bale helped Rob.



Matt Reeves’ The Batman takes a different route and will not spoon-feed those who aren’t the fans. It’ll not go in extensive details about the transition of Bruce into Batman. In fact, the movie will show hin holding the proceedings in his second year as the cape crusader.

The teaser was unveiled as a part of the virtual event of DC FanDome and there Mat Reeves revealed some very interesting things. Reeves said: “Rob actually talked to Christian Bale, and Christian Bale was like, ‘Just make sure you’re gonna be able to relieve yourself.’” Reeves also said that Robert Pattinson needed to be able to put it on and also needs to live as a human being in the suit.

Reeves also revealed the process of Rob turning into The Batman and said, “The thing about Robert Pattinson is he is an incredible actor. I feel like the work that he’s done in the last, I don’t know, six years has been incredible. A friend of mine made a movie called the ‘Lost City of Z’ and Rob appeared in that movie. It was like, ‘Who is that guy?’ He had such charisma. And he, Rob, in the movie, has this incredible beard and you’re like, ‘Who is that?’ And it’s Rob! And Rob in The Rover and Rob in Good Time. He is like a chameleon. He’s just such a gifted actor, and he’s been working on his craft in this really incredible way.”

It’s just a teaser reveal for The Batman and the fans are already pumped for its release which is still months away.

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