All Set To Bite As Mr. Shark In The Bad Guys, Craig Robinson Spills The Beans On The Dubbing Process, What He Brings To The Character & Much More
Craig Robinson Spills The Beans On The Dubbing Process, What He Brings To The Character & Much More

DreamWorks and Universal Pictures’ upcoming movie “The Bad Guys”, an animated action-comedy where the villains go off course from their conventional villainous image and choose to walk the path of good. Creating the right buzz with an all-star-studded cast, “The Bad Guys” stars the voices of Sam Rockwell as Mr. Wolf, Awkwafina as Ms. Tarantula, Anthony Ramos as Mr. Piranha, Marc Maron as Mr. Snake, and Craig Robinson as Mr. Shark. With a little less than two weeks to go for its release as it hits theatres in India on 20th May, Craig Robinson talks about playing Mr. Shark.


Speaking about what he likes the most about the character Mr. Shark, Craig Robinson shares, “Mr. Shark is a master of disguise, which is important because he can create diversions.” He further adds, “I like that he is big, friendly, and goofy. I think that’s kind of how I have been all my life too. Mr. Shark is huggable. Mr. Shark just wants to be loved – which might be his greatest strength and his greatest weakness at the same time, even at the cost of Mr. Snake teasing him.”


Talking about the process of voicing an animated character he shares the part he enjoyed the most, “I like the freedom, because you don’t have to worry about what you look like and can just go berserk and be as goofy as you want in front of the mic. By the third or fourth time I said a line I might add something different, and then they would ask me to try it that way. So, one thing would just turn into the next. It was magical.”

Sharing the personal element he added to the character, “I brought some of the things that we have in common, like being big and sensitive, and my love of sweets. So, there were some natural parallels; but, in the end, it was a very collaborative process.”

Finally, expressing his eagerness to return if there was a sequel he excitedly said, “Yes, I’m looking forward to it. Come on part 2!”

The Bad Guys’ releases in theatres on 20th May.

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