Tenet: American Fans Spend Hundreds Of Dollars To Travel To The UK & Watch Christopher Nolan's Movie
Tenet: American Fans Spend Hundreds Of Dollars To Travel To The UK & Watch Christopher Nolan’s Movie

When Christopher Nolan decided to release his much-anticipated film, Tenet in cinemas amid pandemic, there weren’t many who encouraged the idea. It was believed by many that people won’t come to cinemas in these times but Nolan remained firm. Even though his film got postponed several times, it finally released in the UK yesterday. Furthermore, it will soon hit some US cinemas on September 3 and then will have China release from September 4.


Meanwhile, there’s a happy news for Christopher Nolan and the whole team of Tenet. It seems that the audience is not just coming to watch the film in the UK but also travelling long for it.


There are many fans who have travelled from the USA to the UK to watch the film in cinemas.

According to Variety, a California resident Tyler Tompkins booked an air return ticket to the UK even before the advance booking for the film started. As per estimates, the air journey would cost him $220 without adding the spends of film tickets and food.

Talking about the booking, an excited Tyler Tompkins told the entertainment portal, “I’m seeing the movie like three hours after I land. That’s the whole purpose of this trip,”

Interestingly, he is travelling with three more friends. “My friends think I’m crazy, going all the way across the country to watch it, but we want to show support for this film and we’ll do anything to see it,” he added.

Tyler Tompkins is based in Austin but started living in Los Angeles along with his friends earlier this year. Their dream is to make it in the industry as writers and filmmakers but it came to a halt due to pandemic situation. But Tompkins along with his friends has been excited for Tenet for months now. Talking about the same, he shared, “When we were certain the film was coming out in the U.S. and I saw the theater I used to go to all the time in Austin was showing the movie on Sept. 1, I immediately bought a plane ticket,”

“We’re just happy it’s finally happening. Nolan and Warner Bros. are taking a huge chance on this $200 million movie. We want to make sure we support it in any way possible.” he also added.

Well, now that’s quite an inspiration for fans! We wonder how will Christopher Nolan react to this.

Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia and others in the lead.

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