Spider-Man 3: Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange To Bring This MAJOR Twist For Tom Holland?
Spider-Man 3: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange To Bring This MAJOR Twist For Tom Holland?

Crossovers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not new. But who thought Doctor Strange would appear in Spider-Man 3 universe? No doubt we enjoyed the fun banter between Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland’s characters in Avengers: Infinity War! But since the news is out, they will share the screen space again, and fans can’t keep calm.

What’s interesting is Spider-Man 3 is not set to have just one character making an appearance, but quite a few. JK Simmons had earlier said that J Jonah Jameson is all set to have an important part to play in upcoming Spidey movies. Recently, Jamie Foxx shared that his villain Electro will enter the Marvel world and fight Tom’s, Peter Parker.

Along with these, reports have been going rounds for the past few weeks about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield playing Spider-Man again in Tom Holland’s threequel. But what part does Doctor Strange has to play in all this? Well, an exciting theory is proposed by FandomWire. The theory states that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character will create first live-action Spiderverse and bring in Tobey and Andrew’s characters to help Tom Holland.

The Spider-Man 3 by FandomWire reads, “Without getting into too many plot secrets, the recently announced addition of Doctor Strange is the conduit to bringing these three Spider-Men together for the first time. The film will in-fact create the first live-action Spider-Verse.”

“This will not just be a post-credits cameo scene. It sounds more like an Endgame reveal with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker facing MANY Spider-Man villains from across Sony’s Spider-Man movies, along with some new ones. Maguire’s Spider-Man and Garfield’s Spider-Man will join Holland’s universe to help him defeat them,” mentioned the theory.

It also states that Jamie Foxx’s Electro will be fighting these three men together in Spider-Man 3. So it is going to be some breathtaking action and fight scenes for all the fans.

After seeing what multiple Spideys can do together in animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, we can’t wait to witness the same in a live-action movie.

Meanwhile, the shooting of Spider-Man 3 is expected to start this month. Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker along with Zendaya as MJ and Jason Balaton as Ned.

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