Johnny Depp's Ex Ellen Barkin Once Said That There Is A "World Of Violence" Around The Actor
Johnny Depp’s Ex Ellen Barkin Once Said Violence Surrounded The Actor(Photo Credit–wikimedia)

Johnny Depp has been making the headlines for a few months now since his defamation lawsuit started with ex-Amber Heard. One would have thought that the trial would be an end to their legal drama, but it wasn’t and has now continued even further. Besides both the stars filing appeals over the verdict, a new set of court documents have been unsealed and made public.


A few Depp fans paid as much as 2.36 lakhs to get their hands on the documents to find information on Heard. However, all they could find were the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s dirty deets. From crude texts with Marilyn Manson to using revenge p*rn against Amber and more, a lot has been discovered.


Amongst all of this, Johnny Depp’s ex Ellen Barkin, who had also hit the headlines during the Amber Heard trial, once claimed that there was a “world of violence” around JD. Also uncovered from unsealed court documents, Barkin, in a video deposition, had spoken about Johnny during the $100 million libel trial.

Ellen Barkin was asked if Johnny Depp is “incredibly charming,” to which the Animal Kingdom actress responded, “most abusers are.” “I meant the big umbrella term of abusers,” she said. Ellen also said that JD used to verbally abuse a lot and even called his assistant a “pig” once. “People who would work on the film may be in what he would view as a lower capacity than he functions at. There is just a world of violence,” Barkin added.

The actress had also revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star once gave her a sedative drug when they had s*x for the first time. “He gave me a Quaalude and asked me if I wanted to f*ck,” Barkin said. Previously, during the trial, Ellen had sided with Amber Heard.

Ellen Barkin testified against Johnny Depp and even shared an incident where the actor threw a wine bottle at her. Though the actor denied doing this.

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