Bruce Lee's Daughter Shannon Lee Talks About Her Father
Shannon Lee Talks About Her Father (Photo Credit – Bruce Lee,Shannon Lee/Instagram)

Bruce Lee is one of the legendary icons who still inspires many and will continue to do so. He was an actor, a martial artist, but apart from that, he was a great thinker, a lover of philosophy. And unfortunately, not many are aware of this side of the legend. Now, Bruce’s daughter, Shannon Lee has stepped up with a purpose to propagate her late father’s thoughts.

Shannon recently released a book titled “Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee”. While touching the aspects of the newly published book, she even spoke about her father’s unexplored side and love of philosophy during a recent chat.



Shannon Lee recently indulged in a chat with, where she spoke about the book and Bruce Lee. She said, “This book for me was such a beautiful process. I’ve been sitting with my father’s words and teachings for a long time in many different ways. And this book is really my gift. You don’t have to be a Bruce Lee fan, you don’t have to be a martial artist. It’s really just everyday thoughts on how to approach life.

“The book focuses primarily on my father’s philosophy about the notion of being like water and what that meant to him. So each chapter kind of takes a different layer of that philosophical principle and breaks it down. As you say we kind of do it together, right? I tell stories about his life and I tell stories about my own life and ways we can look at these words and philosophies and apply them to ourselves as we navigate our own lives. I feel like I discover more and more about my dad all the time. The purity of what he was after. And the amazing strides he made in his life,” Shannon Lee added.

She also shared a small text from the book which had teachings of Bruce Lee on mental strength. “Remember my friend it’s not what happens that counts it’s how you react. Your mental attitude determines what you make of it. Either a stepping stone or a stumbling block,” she said.

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