Scarlett Johansson Once Expressed Her Annoyance Over Losing Out On Roles For Her S*x Symbol Status: "I'm Curvy & Confident... What Can I Do About It?
When Scarlett Johansson Expressed Her Annoyance Over The Roles She Got Typecasted In(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Scarlett Johansson has been termed as one of the s*xiest actresses in showbiz, and rightfully so, but she is more than just a pretty face; who never wanted to stay stuck in a pigeonhole. Her losing out on David Fincher’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for being too pretty is quite known, but that was not the only project she lost out on because of her sultry self, and it did bother her a lot, as she once confessed about wanting to play character roles and never wanted to be taken as an s*x symbol.

The actress is loved by the audience for playing the role of Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she made her first appearance in Iron Man 2. Even in that film, she was s*xualised, including in her tight-fitting costume, and here’s what she once said about the filmmakers’ perception towards her.

In several interviews, Scarlett Johansson has expressed her frustration with people labelling her as a s*x symbol, and she even called it an “unfortunate thing”. Speaking to Daily Mail once, the Black Widow star once said, “That’s always an unfortunate thing to figure out, ‘Why can’t you see?!’ For me, I would imagine when casting someone, you would want to challenge yourself in some way. It is so interesting to see actors transform. There are certainly plenty of times when I am definitely not s*xy.”

And in one of her interactions with Mirror she admitted that she does not see herself as a s*xy person. Scarlett Johansson said, “Of course, you could say the characters I played maybe in Match Point, maybe in Black Dahlia [are sexy]. But the characters I play aren’t really traditionally sexy; I don’t think.” She added, “I think it’s probably a reaction to the fact that I’m curvy and confident about it, maybe. But I don’t think I was particularly sexy in Lost in Translation or particularly sexy in The Other Boleyn Girl.”

On another occasion addressing her s*x symbol status of her, Scarlett opened up in an interview with Daily Express and said, “I never wanted to be a sex symbol, I wanted to be a character actor. But I think women who are curvy can be pigeonholed in that bombshell thing. What can I do about it? I’m never going to be rail-thin. Everyone in Hollywood is so damn skinny, and you constantly feel like you’re not skinny enough.”

Currently, on the work front, Scarlett Johansson was last seen in Asteroid City, which was released in May this year, and she featured alongside Tom Hanks.

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