Sam Smith Is Ready To Date Any Gender: "I Just Fall In Love With Whoever I Fall With"
Sam Smith Is Ready To Date Any Gender: “I Just Fall In Love With Whoever I Fall With” (Photo Credit – Instagram / Sam Smith )

Singer Sam Smith has declared they will no longer play by the rules, adding that their dating choices will not be restricted by gender.

Smith, 28, came out as gender non-binary a while back and adopted the pronouns “they/them”, adding that they have always been open about their love life. Smith now says it’s “freeing to not be limited to one category of person”, reports

The singer also said they have “never really played by the rule book.”

“I’ve never really kind of played by the rule book. I love people and whoever I fall for, that’s who I fall for. I don’t know who that’s going to be,” they told The Sun.

“Now I don’t know what gender they will be, to be quite honest, and that’s a freeing thing – to not be limited to one category of person. I just fall in love with whoever I fall in love with,” the singer added.

Being a celebrity, Smith finds it “hard” to date, adding that there have been “many, many” bad experiences in the past.

Meanwhile, singer Sam Smith, who has in the past come out as non-binary, has now opened up about how having body dysmorphia helped them understand their own body.

“I have always been non-binary, I have always felt the way I’ve felt, and just hearing other non-binary stories made me suddenly feel seen. As I started to address that, I started to address my gender and realised that I was holding myself to these ideals of how a man should look. I have girl’s thighs and I have girl breasts too. It started to awaken this conversation that had always been in the back of my mind,’ they said, of ‘coming out’ as non-binary in 2018,” Smith said, according to a report.

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