Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Left Behind Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury For MCU Record
Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Got Defeated By Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury In This MCU Record ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Robert Downey Jr and Samuel L Jackson are one of the founding pillars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both actors have been vital to the universe since the first Iron Man movie was released in 2008. However, as RDJ’s Iron Man will no longer be seen in the MCU movies, Samuel L Jackson broke the actor’s record. Read on to find out!

The recent movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are somewhere losing the audience’s interest. As the new movie and series are not getting what the audiences have been expecting, they really hope that Marvel will deliver as they expect.



Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury is the person who recruited Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man within the Avengers initiative. However, we will see more of Fury in the upcoming MCU projects. Quite interestingly, as the new trailer of Brie Larson starrer The Marvels dropped, Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson has surpassed Robert Downey Jr. as the MCU actor with trailer appearances in most amount of MCU projects.

Since the beginning of the Infinity Saga, RDJ’s Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the world during the events of Avengers: End Game. On the other hand, Samuel L Jackson’s Fury lived on to fight the good fight, which gave him more appearances in the franchise than Iron Man did.

Both actors have worked for over a decade in the MCU. However, Samuel L Jackson is still essential to the new Multiverse Saga. While he will be seen in The Marvels and his upcoming MCU series, The Secret Invasion, it is speculated that it will be the last time he will appear as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the other hand, it was rumoured that Robert Downey Jr was in talks to return as Iron Man in the upcoming Avengers movie. It was almost possible, thanks to the concept of a multiverse, until the Marvel producer debunked the rumour.

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