Riz Ahmed Talks About Starring In Venom & Distancing From Blockbuster Movies
Riz Ahmed Played Carlton Drake In Venom (2018)(Photo Credit: Instagram/Imdb)

2020 saw the release of Sound Of Metal and with it, the leading man Riz Ahmed became a household name across the globe. His calibre and process of learning the language of the deaf and the struggle to it won hearts and found him a place in the nominations of Best Actor at the Oscars. But the actor has not only limited himself to these films, but he has also tried his hands at the blockbusters. The superhero ones to be precise.

In 2018, Riz was seen in Sony’s Spider-Man villains’ continuity Venom, which brought a lot of cash flow towards the studio. The reviews were mixed, but that did not stop the audience from going towards the theatres. Riz Ahmed played Carlton Drake, a tech mogul who was experimenting with the symbiotes. He eventually bonds with his own symbiote, Riot. They then attempt to bring more symbiotes to Earth but is defeated by Venom and Eddie.

While Riz Ahmed was appreciated for his work, the actor now says he wasn’t prepared to be a part of a blockbuster. He says Venom is the reason he is away from big-budget vehicles and is finding his niche in the roles he can bring himself to. Read on to know what the Sound Of Metal star exactly has to say.

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