Rihanna Recently Launched Fenty Hair Products, a Brand she has Developed with much Care.
Rihanna Recently Launched Fenty Hair Products, a Brand she has Developed with much Care (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Iconic singer Rihanna has officially dropped her Fenty Hair products during a launching party in Los Angeles. Taking the opportunity, the Diamonds singer has opened up about her postpartum hair loss journey. In the launch, she spoke about welcoming her sons RZA and Riot with husband A$AP Rocky and dealing with hair loss following the birth as nobody told her that postpartum hair loss is a real thing. Rihanna gave birth to son RZA in May 2022 and Riot in August 2023.

In a conversation with Refinery29, the Grammy winner said, “I didn’t expect it to happen in waves. I thought it would just happen and grow back.” She further explained that hair loss in patches was an unexpected side effect of post-pregnancy, something that was “not on the pamphlet.” Rihanna expressed, “At that point, you’re just like alright enough is enough.”

Fortunately, she learned to embrace the hair loss by getting “more creative and clever” with her hairstyles. She experimented with chic high ponytails, honey-blonde bangs, and layers, and tousled long curls. Recently, she ditched her wigs and showcased her natural hair texture as she proudly embraced her curls in public while promoting Fenty Hair earlier this week. Following her own hair loss journey, the 36-year-old star is now encouraging others to love and express themselves through their hair with Fenty Beauty’s new line of reparative and strengthening shampoos, conditioners, and more.

Rihanna made the brand announcement earlier this month and officially launched Fenty Hair on June 13. In a speech, she expressed how “stressful” it was to create her haircare line over four-plus years. The beauty mogul said during the launch party, “Considering all hair types, considering all of the brands that I’ve been in love with my entire life, I’m thinking, ‘If it’s not better than this one, it can’t work.’”

She continued, “Evolving as a woman and even as an artist, hair has been such a huge part of that and a reflection of whatever I’m feeling. So, it changes a lot and my hair goes through a lot. Making this brand, I had to consider all of those things. I want to look fly, but I want my hair to be healthy. How do I do that? All of my products need to strengthen and repair while I’m out just being fabulous.”

Over time, she has put in the effort to produce a range of lines that is not only inclusive of the broader beauty community but also fit seamlessly into her personal hair care routine.

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