Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Becomes The Most Expensive Single-Day Operation In UK History?
Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Security Becomes More Expensive Than Prince William & Kate Middleton’s 2011 Wedding? Here’s How Much They Spent(Pic Credit: Youtube, Wikipedia)

Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II passed away peacefully in Balmoral castle, Scotland on September 8, 2022. The country is going through 12 day mourning period over the demise of the former queen. Now Britain is gearing up for the first state funeral in six decades.

Recently, the world also saw her entire family coming down to the base to bid their Queen one last goodbye. Now mortal remains of the queen are kept for the civilians to pay their last respects before proceeding to the funeral. Now the latest report reveals that the country spent a massive amount to beef up the security for the Queen‘s funeral on September 19.

As per New York Post report, the UK government poured in more than USD 7 million (around INR 59 crores) to increase the security for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. This becomes the most expensive single-day operation in UK history, spending over USD 7.5 million. It is also worth pointing out that Prince William & Kate Middleton’s wedding costs were an estimated USD 7.2 million.

The security measures were increased in order to meet the unprecedented number of foreign leaders, who are expected at the funeral on Monday. It is reported that the British Mi5 and Mi6 intelligence agencies, London’s Metropolitan Police, and the Secret Service will work together in providing security for the world leaders.

The report quoted a former Royal security officer, Simon Morgan as saying, “When you look at the other events, they were big — the Prince and Prince of Wales’ wedding in 2011 was the biggest — but in comparison to this, you can’t compare it.”

He further added, “London will be covered with heavy security — from marksmen and observers perched on rooftops and observation points, to police dispersed among the crowd — with police and intelligence officers anticipating a “substantial threat of terrorism.”

It is expected that nearly 750,000 people will be attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday.

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