One Direction Fans TARGET James Corden Over Not Releasing UNSEEN Footage Of Harry Styles & Team!
One Direction Fans TARGET James Corden Over Not Releasing UNSEEN Footage Of Harry Styles & Team! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

One Direction fans till date want their favourite gang to reunite. The band consisted of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomilson and Liam Payne. Over the course, they released some chartbusters like ‘What Makes It Beautiful’, ‘One Thing’ amongst others. They split in 2015 to pursue their individual careers.

Remember the viral Carpool Karaoke with 1D? Fans revisit those memories to date. Recently, ‘The Late Late Show’ host revealed that fans have stormed his and the production’s DMs to kidnap Harry Styles and team. Yes, you heard that right! The massive fan following wants to see their favourites together and could go to any extent for that to happen.

Addding to it all, James Corden’s show’s executive producer Ben Winston teased fans with an old footage. It was from the same carpool karaoke episode. But it was more than special because it was never-seen-before. Fans requested The Late Late show makers to release the video ft. One Direction. To this, Ben replied, “Ok. Tonight.” However, he ended up deleting the post after a while.

First off, check out the deleted footage ft. One Direction post here:

Since that didn’t happen, fans have been threatening, abusing James Corden and the makers over the same. Twitter is stormed with the demand to release the footage.

“James Corden is once again proof, all men do is lie,” a fan wrote.

Another wrote, “Ben Winston and James Corden you better release the McDonald’s footage before my therapist hears about you.”

A One Direction fan threatened, “If James Corden doesn’t give us any content we will be cancelling the late late show.”

Well, clearly, One Direction fan following is still massive and there is no doubt that a reunion will only make it bigger.

There have been rumours around a reunion, but there has been no confirmation whatsoever.

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