From Purchasing A Haunted Mansion & Sleeping In Dracula’s House – Here Are 5 Bizarre Things Nicolas Cage Has Done
Nicolas Cage Has Done A Lot Of Bizarre Things Including Being The Owner Of A Haunted Mansion, Staying A Night In Dracula’s House & More(Pic credit: Getty Images)

Actor Nicolas Cage turns a year older today. One of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood has impressed us with his performances in films like National Treasure, Ghost Rider, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and more. But did you know, he has made bizarre purchases in the past and does things that can send shivers down your spine?

The actor has spent money on two castles in Europe, a private island in the Bahamas, shrunken pygmy heads, and a pet octopus – this cost him $150,000. Think these are strange? Well, scroll down and take a look at the 5 weirder facts of the actor we came across.

From being the victim in a comic book heist to buying a haunted mansion belonging to a serial killer to write a book and sleeping in Dracula’s castle in Romania – check out these facts that will shock as well as give you the chills!

His Massive Comic Book Collection Was Stolen

Like many of us, Nicolas Cage too is a comic book fan. In fact, he has been the owner of some rare titles including Action Comics #1, the highly sought-after 1939 issue that introduced the world to Superman. He purchased this copy in 1997, but in January 2000, this 1939 issue and many other comics were stolen from his house.

But 11 years later, the comic showed up in a San Fernando Valley storage locker. The 1939 comic was returned to Cage, who sold it later that year for $2.1 million.

He Bought A Dinosaur Skull That Turned Out To Be Stolen Piece

Yes, the actor got fleeced of $276K when he purchased a Tyrannosaurus bataar skull at a 2007 auction. The skull in question turned out to be stolen from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

The actor was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security in 2014 and agreed to hand it over.

He Has A Pyramid Tomb

Nicolas Cage purchased twin plots and built a pyramid tomb over in 2010 for his future funeral. It’s nine feet tall and has a Latin inscription reading ‘Omnia Ab Uno’, which means ‘Everything From One.’ The tomb is in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, the oldest cemetery in New Orleans.

In fact, in February 2020 he was snapped at the cemetery with a mystery lady. You too can check it out if you take the tours of the city while vacationing.

He Purchased A Most Haunted Mansion Because He Wanted To Write A Horror Novel

Do you want to be a writer? Well, so does Nicolas Cage and that too a horror one. So how do you get inspiration? In his case, purchase a haunted mansion! We aren’t joking! Cage had purchased the famous LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans in 2007 for $3.4 million. The place belonged to serial killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie, but the actor lost to foreclosure in 2009.

Talking about the status of his horror book post losing the place, Nicolas once told Vanity Fair, “I didn’t get too far with the novel.” We would have loved to read it, though.

He Spent A Night In Dracula’s Castle

Let’s talk about another thing Nicolas Cage has done that is sure to give us nightmares. The actor spent a night in Dracula’s castle and admitted it was ‘pretty spooky’. His Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-star, Idris Elba, revealed this while promoting the film. Recalling an incident while shooting in Romania Elba noticed Cage appeared tired one day.

On being asked about it, the actor told her, “Yeah man, I went up to Dracula’s castle … the ruins up in the mountains, and I stayed the night. I just had to channel the energy, and it was pretty spooky up there.”

We would definitely be spooked!

Happy Birthday, Nicolas Cage.

Which bizarre fact of the fact did you not know? Let us know in the comments.

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