Naomi Campbell gave up 'finding soulmate' for modelling career
Naomi Cambell On Failing To Find Her Soulmate! ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

Supermodel Naomi Campbell revealed that she had to “sacrifice” finding a “soulmate” for her career in modelling.

Campbell has never been married but was previously engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton and businessman Flavio Briatore, reports



Naomi Campbell has also been linked with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Usher, Robert De Niro, Skepta, and Liam Payne, but the supermodel says her personal life has suffered due to her work.

Asked what she’s sacrificed, Naomi Campbell told The Cut: “I’d say the sacrifice is really finding that soulmate who will understand you. It’s really like you feel if they look at you as if you’re strong… you know, I’m strong, but I’m also sensitive. I know that in relationships I have to compromise.”

Campbell, who announced earlier this year in May that she had welcomed a baby girl via surrogate, said she isn’t alone, as she has a great support system.

She said: “I’m not out here on my own. It’s simple, and it’s small. To be with your loved ones who just want to enjoy the quality time. I want my friends to flourish. You want to protect those you love.”

“And most importantly, when I reach out to people, and I need help and understanding and guidance, it’s important for me to remember to say ‘Thank you.’ You never know when you may need that person to help you again or guide you,” Naomi Cambell added.

She finds comfort being out in the world as she feels travelling has “saved” her.

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