Tom Cruise Takes It Up A Notch For Mission Impossible 7 As He Hangs From Biplane In A New Photo
A New Mission Impossible 7 Photo Shows Tom Cruise Performing Another Death-Defying Stunt (Pic Credit: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)

After appearing in the record-breaking film Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise is set to deliver more crazy stunts and action in the upcoming movie Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, also known as Mission Impossible 7. It is the seventh instalment of one of the biggest franchises.


Though it won’t be coming out until 2023, director Christopher McQuarrie has shared a new photo of Cruise performing a death-defying stunt to celebrate the actor’s birthday. For the unversed, Tom turned 60 years old on July 3. But for him, age is just a number as he continues to perform his stunts in MI7 and then in the eighth instalment.

Taking to Twitter, director Christopher McQuarrie wished Tom Cruise a happy birthday and shared a pic from Mission Impossible 7. It features Cruise’s Ethan Hunt hanging from the top of a biplane that is flying while flipped upside down. The image instantly became viral and garnered likes and comments from fans.


While many users wished for Tom Cruise, many others reacted to the Mission Impossible 7 photo. “The greatest movie star we’ll ever have,” wrote a fan. “Just another work day for Tom Cruise, who continues to defy everything to wow his audience,” wrote another.

Though everyone was left in shock, some Indian fans quickly drew similarities between this stunt with that of Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 420. A few users shared a clip of Akshay’s plane stunt in which he stood on top of the wings for the 2000 movie.

As Tom Cruise basks in the glory of Top Gun Maverick, which crossed the one billion mark at the global box office, fans await the release of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. The 7th instalment will be out in July 2023, while Dead Reckoning Part Two, the 8th and final instalment, will release in June 2024.

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