Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Way Of Having Safe S*x During Lockdown & We Bet You Will Love To Hear It!
Miley Cyrus’s Way Of Having Safe S*x During Lockdown Is What We All Have Heard Of(Pic credit – Getty Images )

Agree or not, but we all have been losing our minds while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Somewhere we all have become way too concerned about our health and have been taking all the necessary precautions. Well, talking about Miley Cyrus, she has gone a step ahead in social distancing. She has been having s*x, but while maintaining social distancing.


Wondering if that is even possible? Well, then let us tell you that it very much is and Miley is practising safe s*x. Continue reading further to take tips from the singer.


Due to safety guidelines imposed throughout the coronavirus pandemic, it has been a “really interesting and challenging” time “for any sort of dating or meeting people,” Miley Cyrus shared on the Dec. 2 episode of The Howard Stern Show. However, she has found a loophole.

“I do a lot of FaceTime s*x – it’s the safest s*x. I’m not getting COVID,” Miley Cyrus admitted. “I am definitely not going to be doing anything that’s irresponsible for myself or for other people…it’s just ridiculous for anybody that won’t take the right precautions to keep each other safe. It’s f–ked up.” Kudos to Miley for simultaneously getting intimate while social-distancing.

After Miley’s music video with Dua Lipa Prisoner’s release Howard Stern said, “it looks like the two of you are having full-on s*x.” On this, the Midnight Sky singer made it clear that she did not jump in bed with Dua Lipa.

“We did not have s*x,” Miley Cyrus clarified during the interview. “Dua Lipa constantly reminds me. She gives me the ‘in your dreams.’ I’ve never actually had a wet dream about Dua Lipa. That’s something that she’s projecting onto me. I did not get to have s*x with her, unfortunately.”

We recently told you about Miley’s shocking confession that she is still in love with her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Fans have been going crazy after listening to this. We just hope that Miley finds love soon.

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