Megan Fox Has Agreed To Settle $5 Million Lawsuit Against Brad Pitt's Manager For Selling A 'Moldy' Malibu Mansion
Megan Fox Agreed To Settle $5 Million Lawsuit Against Brad Pitt’s Manager(Pic Credit: Facebook/Megan Fox)

Megan Fox and Brad Pitt’s manager Cynthia Pett-Dante have been in a legal battle for three years. The actress bought a property from Cynthia in May 2016. However, Fox soon realized that the house was plagued with serious issues, including mould and leaks. All of the damages and repairs required at least $500,000 worth of remedial work.

After that, Fox filed a $5million lawsuit against Pett-Dant. The actress claimed that the house gave her health issues and ruined her life. She further complained that the purchase had given her ‘chronic migraines’ and ‘constant stress.’ The legal battle has begun to wind down after years.

Judge David Soleto has ruled in the favor of Brad Pitt‘s manager, despite Megan Fox claiming that the house sold by Cynthia Pett-Dante gave her health issues. Pett-Dante was also granted her motion for summary judgement and, in turn, offered a $100,000 compromise deal under the California civil code 998.

Megan Fox accepted the deal made by Brad Pitt’s manager, which is one-fiftieth of the amount she was demanding, according to the court papers obtained by DailyMail. Some reports state that this decision appears to be a financial olive branch to have the case dismissed with prejudice and stop the actress from repeatedly objecting and appealing.

As per some reports, the judge also pointed the finger at Fox, who ignored the advice of her real estate lawyer Joseph D’Onofrio. Megan was told that it was a ‘nightmarish, ill-advised and risky’ purchase. However, it didn’t stop her from also suing him.

Megan Fox also admitted that she did not read the vital emails or inspection reports which alerted her to the problems, according to the report. She further admitted that she pushed the sale through with Brad Pitt‘s manager Cynthia Pett-Dante, even though she was aware it had major flaws as it was the only Malibu home in her price range and wanted her kids to go to a school there.

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