Marvelathon! From Iron Man's First Suit To Captain America's Disassembled Shield, Things To Look Out For In Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man
Marvelathon! From First Suit To Captain America’s Disassembled Shield, Things To Look Out For In Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man

As it’s lockdown period, it’s never too late to start Marvelathon. If you have been planning to watch something different and interesting, but couldn’t make up your mind, it’s always good to try a genre you never had an interest in. I wasn’t into superhero films until 2019. But now, I know anything and everything about Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and other MCU superheroes.

Even if you are a Marvel fan, you can still do a Marvelathon. As a fan, I’m sure you know the way filmmakers drop easter eggs in the films. We think we know everything about these films, but with every watch, something new comes to our notice. If you are still contemplating whether to start MCU marathon or not, do not worry. Today, I’ll give you a few reasons why you start watching Marvel films, starting with Iron Man. Starring Robert Downey Jr in the titular role (and as Tony Stark), this 2008 film has many interesting things which many of you might’ve missed earlier.


I’ve noted down a few pointers that I observed while watching this film. By reading it, I’m sure you’ll definitely rewatch Iron Man:

1. Ten Rings

The terrorist group that kidnaps Tony Stark in Afghanistan call themselves as ‘Ten Rings’. When they make a video in which Stark is sitting on his knees, you can see the symbol of Ten Rings in the background.

2. J.A.R.V.I.S

We all know J.A.R.V.I.S as Iron Man’s AI. He plays a key role in helping Stark fight the enemies. However, in the first film, he used to run Stark’s house.


3. First Iron Man suits

Iron Man wears a bright red and gold suit in MCU films. However, to take you back, the first colour of Stark’s suit was dark silver (Mark 1) which he made in the cave when he was kidnapped in Afghanistan. We also get to see his first red-golden armour called Mark III, which he later builds in his lab.

4. Disassembled Captain America’s shield

Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers aka Captain America gets his vibranium shield from Tony’s father, Howard Stark. In Iron Man, you can see Cap’s disassembled shield lying on the table when Stark is taking off his Iron Man armour after returns from Gulmira.

5. Nick Fury’s cameo

Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury plays a vital role in MCU. It was because of him the Avengers came together. His first appearance happens in the end credits of Iron Man where he wants to discuss Avenger initiative with Tony. Fury tells him that he isn’t the only one with superpowers. It was a hint that Nick had already met someone who was a superhero and well, we all found out last year that it was Captain Marvel.

Now is the right time to watch Iron Man so that you can take a look at these interesting scenes too!

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