Keanu Reeves Being Wished On His Birthday By Marvel Creates Waves
Marvel Wishes Keanu Reeves A Happy Birthday But There Is A Tweet(Photo Credit: Twitter/wikimedia)

Out of all the prayers MCU fans keep making to the Marvel Gods, the most prominent is of course to make Keanu Reeves a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has been in contention for years. Not just that, even studio president Kevin Fiege has made sure he approaches him first for every project they do, but never succeeded to lure him it seems.

The fact that the studio wants him as bad as the fans is evident, and the latest gaga over the Internet only adds to it. Keanu Reeves is celebrating 57 years of his adorable and edgy existence. He is a man who avenges a dog’s murder, he is adorable fam! While the world is making sure to wish him a happy birthday, so did the Marvel family. But deleted it soon after that. Why?



But wait, are fans not going to be worried and excited that the studio is kind of still pushing harder to get him in but also deleted the tweet? They already want the top bosses to announce Keanu Reeves entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and below is all you need to know about this fun update of the day.

The official handle of Marvel UK & Ireland put up a birthday wish for Keanu Reeves. The tweet though deleted swiftly, did not really disappear without people observing and taking screenshots of it. Sharing it on Twitter a user wrote, “The Marvel UK & Ireland account tweeted out a happy birthday post for Keanu Reeves and then deleted it. What’s up with that? Something odd is going on over there…”

Another wrote, “I find it strange that Marvel UK is sharing a post about today being Keanu Reeves’ birthday. Do they know something we don’t since he hasn’t been in the MCU so far.” An optimistic fan said, “Nice to honor Keanu. But does this mean marvel hired him for something? Y’all been looking for a role for him to play before MCU started in early 2000s”

Below are a few tweets compiled:

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