Captain America Lifting Strombreaker In Avengers: End Game
Did You Know How Captain America Was Able To Wield Thor’s Stormbreaker In Avengers: End Game? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Thor’s weapons have arguably been one of the strongest weapons in the MCU so far. Very few people have got the chance to wield it while many of them were “unworthy”. Thor, being the god of thunder and tragedies, just could not love his new weapon, Stormbreaker as he used to love his old hammer, Mjolnir. Hence, the reason why Stormbreaker went to Captain America in Avengers: End Game. Read on to know how Stormbreaker got his emotional feelings and always felt betrayed in the MCU.

Chris Hemsworth’s last Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder gave fans got a clear scene of how Stormbreaker felt jealous and betrayed when the god of thunder went to Mjolnir. The scene clearly showed how weapons are also prone to emotional damage in the superhero genre.

The reason for Stormbreaker to have feelings is considered because its handle is made from Groot’s body part. It was created with the help of Groot in Nidavellir when Thor was dying from taking the full force of the star. Taika Waititi, the director of Thor 4 also explained that Stormbreaker’s jealousy comes from being born of a teenage Groot.

Because Groot’s personality carried over into the stormbreaker, the weapon has its very own emotions, making it a character, and not just a weapon. After that, In Avengers: End Game, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor brought the Mjolnir from the past and also used it in the battle making Stormbreaker feel neglected. Hence, Stormbreaker went to Chris Evans’ Captain America.

Along with that, in Thor: Love and Thunder, The God Of Thunder did not have to face one ex, he also had an awkward encounter with the current/ex-lover kinda situation. When Thor was stalking Mjolnir in the movie, Stormbreaker comes in front of him. Its ability to sense Thor’s desire to reconnect with Mjolnir and jealousy about it while entertaining also adds a new depth to the relationship between Thor and Stormbreaker.

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