Hugh Jackman Is Half Convinced To Reprise Wolverine?
Wolverine AKA Hugh Jackman Is Convinced To Make A Comeback But Wants To Read The Script First – Reports(Pic Credit: Movie still)

All you Logan fans out there, place your hand on your heart and tell us the truth, didn’t you secretly weep at Wolverine’s parting scene? Wasn’t that one of the toughest goodbyes you had to bid in life? Hugh Jackman entered the film with an intention to break us all and he did succeed. While we all made peace with the fact that it was the last time we are meeting the hero, the news of Jackman reprising the mantle broke. And there is an update.


Fox released Logan and made it clear that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is saying a final goodbye to all of us. And so he did with the climax. But turns out just like us, the Marvel Gods are also fans of this iconic character from the X-Universe and want him to come back. There were earlier reports that Jackman has denied coming back the first time Marvel approached, we have another update today and it is positive. Read on to know everything you should.


If you are confused, how is Marvel taking decisions for Wolverine, Fox who owned the rights to Hugh Jackman’s superhuman is now acquired by the Marvel Studio? So just like Deadpool, Wolverine is now the studio’s property. Considering that the Marvel Gods are now wanting to bring back Jackman. But the actor earlier had said a blatant ‘no’, stating that his character is already dead in the universe.

But now as per We Got This Covered, the studio has convinced Hugh Jackman, saying that the Wolverine will have no connections to the old timeline. It is being said that this time he will be from a different Earth. And if the most exciting part of the report is to be believed, Jackman is convinced by this. But there is a ‘but’. The actor wants to first read the script and then take any decision.

There have been various speculations around Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s comeback. The biggest is that he will meet Deadpool in the threequel for a cameo. Only time will tell if that is true. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more!

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