Isaac Perlmutter Wanted To Fire Kevin Feig
Disney CEO Bob Iger Stopped Isaac Perlmutter To Fire Kevin Feige(Photo Credit –wikimedia/Twitter/Marvel )

Every successful person is once on the verge of losing their job, and Kevin Feige was one of them. Back in 2015, the current MCU Boss had cold war issues with Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment. However, his tenure at Marvel Studios was not smooth as one would think because of the former Marvel Chairman. Read on to find out how he was once on the verge of losing his job until the current Disney CEO Bob Iger stepped in.

Throughout time, MCU Boss has given Box Office hits and given fans what they have always wanted. The team has always delivered fans and their vision for the characters has made him one of the most powerful producers at Disney and within Hollywood at large.

During a conversation with CNBC’s Alex Sherman, the reinstated Disney CEO Bob Iger said former Marvel Chairman, Isaac Perlmutter was not happy at losing oversight of Marvel’s movie-making operations. Iger explains when they “bought Marvel in 2009”, he promised Ike the job to run Marvel after that but not forever.

“But after that. And in 2015 he (Isaac Perlmutter) was intent on firing Kevin Feige who was running Marvel’s studio, the movie-making [operation] at the time, and I thought that was a mistake and stepped in to prevent that from happening,” said Bob Iger.

The current Disney CEO later talked about how good Kevin was at his job as an executive and his records speak for himself. Bob later moved the movie-making operation of Marvel out from under Isaac into the movie studio under Alan Horn with Kevin Feige reporting directly to Horn, who retired from the company in 2021.

According to Iger, the decision to keep Kevin Feige made the former Marvel CEO very unhappy all these years later. Reportedly, the reason for Ike to fire Feige was the conflicts over more diverse heroes and movies. Along with that, there came a point when Kevin wanted to leave Marvel Studios and join DC.

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