Madame Web Star Sydney Sweeney Reveals Being One With Spiders After Doing The Marvel Movie - Find Out
Madame Web Star Sydney Sweeney Reveals Being One With Spiders After Doing The Marvel Movie (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Dakota Johnson led Madame Web, which is already in the theatres, but the film is not getting as much love as one expected. It also features Euphoria fame Sydney Sweeney, whose feelings for the crawling bugs have changed after doing the Marvel movie. Sydney plays the role of Spider-Woman Julia Cornwall in the film, and recently, in an interview, she revealed being more compassionate towards the spiders. Scroll below to know.

The movie is in the Spider-Man universe, like Venom and Morbius, but it is unclear in which Peter Parker’s world the story is set. Tom Holland is the MCU’s web-slinging superhero, and with 2021’s No Way Home, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have also joined the Sony-Marvel universe. Sydney has been in the news for her movie Anyone But You and her fantastic dynamic with co-star Glen Powell. The duo were romantically linked last year but got lost after some time. Sydney is engaged with someone from outside the industry.

Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck created Sydney Sweeney’s character in Madame Web, Julia Cornwall, or Julia Carpenter. She is known as the second Spider-Woman and was first introduced in Secret Wars #6 in 1984. She was also the second Madame Web. Her powers are very similar to Spider-Man. In an interview with IMDb, Sydney recently revealed that her role in Marvel changed her perception of the spiders.

Sydney Sweeney shared how she is now unable to hurt or kill a spider after doing Madame Web. She said, “I definitely feel like I can’t kill a spider anymore. Prior to the film, there might have been a few slaps. Now we are one.”

She also revealed being bitten by a spider while filming Anyone But You, and the medic unknowingly called her Spider-Woman. Describing the incident, Sweeney said, “What was really funny was when that happened [the spider bite in Anyone But You], the medic wrote ‘Sydney Sweeney gets bit by a spider and turns into Spider-Woman’ just as like a funny note… and no one had any clue that we were doing this film or what the film was, so I was like can I take a picture of that, just for myself to have that one day.”

The Madame Web star shared the incident on her appearance on The Tonight Show in December last year. The Huntsman spider that bit Sydney was trained, and while filming the scene, the bug started biting her. Since they were in the middle of a scene and she was supposed to scream in the scene, the screaming got severe. Only Glen Powell thought something was wrong and asked the crew to cut.

Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web was released on February 16 and is currently running in the theatres.

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