Candice Brown's Husband Liam Macauley Reveals That Hollywood 'Intimate Kiss' Put Pressure On Their Marriage!(Pic credit: Instagram/lucifernetflix)
Candice Brown’s Husband Liam Macauley Reveals That Hollywood ‘Intimate Kiss’ Put Pressure On Their Marriage!(Pic credit: Instagram/lucifernetflix)

Everyone is waiting for Tom Ellis to return as a charming devil in Lucifer season 5. The trailer for the next season was released a few days ago. After the heartbreaking ending in season 4, fans didn’t expect the makers will bring in a massive twist in the series. As we saw in the trailer, Luci’s twin brother Michael has made an entry.


As seen in the trailer, Michael doesn’t seem like a good guy. It looks like he is on a revenge mode and wants to ruin his twin brother Lucifer’s life. The trailer received a great response. But some fans weren’t pleased how the makers revealed such a critical twist in the trailer itself. But don’t worry, there’s more to this fantastic series.


If you think Michael is the only bad guy in Lucifer season 5, you are wrong. Our LUX owner will also have to fight another compelling character, Lilith. Yes, you read it right. In season 4, when Eve makes an entry, she talks about Maze’s mother, Lilith. That was a major hint that she might be next big trouble for Mr Morningstar. Are you wondering how it is possible? Read on.

If you remember, in season 4, when Linda and Amenadiel discuss names for their baby boy, the former suggests ‘Michael’. But Amaenadiel gives an unpleasant reaction that and says no to that name. Similarly, Lilith was mentioned several times. Not just Lilith, God himself can be a problem in Lucifer’s life. After all, our hot and happening devil didn’t have a good equation with his father. Also, in the upcoming seasons, Dennis Haysbert is expected to enter as God.

A Reddit user named Francis Dickenstein also shared a theory on Lilith and God. In his post, Francis writes, “So, Michael looks like a side plot to me because tbh, he does not look like the villian of the series so i think we will get someone other than Michael, but Who could the villian be? Lilith, the mother of all demons,she could be the villian of the season,but not the main one. I think there is someone/something more evil and manevolent. Who/what could it be? The God himself.”

Click here to read the entire Reddit post.

My theories on season 5 /maybe 6 from r/lucifer

Who do you think will be the big villain in Lucifer season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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