When Jimmy Kimmel Joked About Leonardo DiCaprio's S*x Life On Oscar Award Show, "He Has Had S*x With A Different Victoria’s Secret Model Every Night Of His Life"
When Jimmy Kimmel Joked Leonardo Di Caprio “Had S*x With A Different Victoria’s Secret Model Every Night Of His Life” At The Oscar Awards(Pic Credit: Movie Still, Episode Still)

American actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He rose to fame with James Cameron’s film Titanic and went on to deliver several films that are critically and commercially acclaimed. While he may be known for being a leading man in biopics and period films, he is also known as Hollywood’s perennial bachelor.

DiCaprio has kept things discreet when it comes to the details of his love life. However, he is often spotted going on dates with several supermodels. Interestingly, all the women he has been linked with have one thing in common: they’re almost always half of his age.

Leonardo DiCaprio is inching towards 50 and has dated several women. One finds it hard to keep a track of it but comedian Jimmy Kimmel has a number for it. Back in 2016, Leo finally won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant at the 88th Academy Award and Kimmel couldn’t help but joke about it. The comedian and host claimed that despite that big win, DiCaprio has been getting lucky for quite some time!

As reported by US Weekly, Kimmel during the opening monologue on his post-Oscar show said, “Leonardo DiCaprio won the best actor. Leo had been nominated six times, but until tonight, he never won. But everyone kept saying this is his year. And it was. But the man has had s*x with a different Victoria’s Secret model every night of his life,” he quipped. “Every year is his year. From 1991 on has been his year.”

Complex.com even calculated Leonardo’s sexual encounters using Jimmy Kimmel’s “every night of his life” since 1991 approximation. The report estimates that the Wolf Of Wall Street actor may have done the deed with more than 9,000 models as of 2016 (in his 41 years of existence).

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