Ray J Accusing Kris Jenner For Taking 'Fake Lie Detector Test' Claims He 'Looked Like A Liar'
Ray J Accuses Kris Jenner Once Again For Taking ‘Fake Lie Detector Test’ (Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook)

Finally, Kris Jenner opened up about the long debacle over Kim Kardashian’s released s*x tape with Ray J on the Late Late Show through a lie detector test. However, now Ray J is once again accusing Kris Jenner of taking a fake lie detector test. Read to know the full scoop.

When on the Late Late Show, Kris was asked “Did you help Kim release her s*x tape?”, the mother of six denied the involvement, and answered, “It’s ok. No. No”. And when John Grogan confirmed it to be true, Kris Jenner said, “Thank you. We cleared that up!”

Now, Ray J has accused Kris Jenner for lying at the show and taking a fake lie detector test. In Instagram live videos, Ray shared, “I don’t know what the fuck you think this is, but you have fucked with the wrong person. Period … You done fucked with the wrong Black man. I was just gonna handle this shit legally, right, and just hit you in court and just get what I’m deserved from all of y’all being foul and trying to defame me, trying to make me look bad, when YOU know what’s up.”

Ray J even further accused John Grogan of being fake and backlashed CBS for allowing Jenner to lie at the lie detector test. He wrote in the caption, “John Grogan is a fake. He is not a polygraph examiner. He is quite accurately known as the polygraph parasite. This is the dude Kris Jenner had ta her lie detector test to make me look like a liar. And what’s more sad is the network allowed it to happen! Everybody getting sued 4 defamation … I can’t wait to show you the truth.”


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Ray J’s Instagram bio now reads, “John Grogan is a fraud and so is KRIS AND KIm!! Sombody is going to jail!” What do you think of this controversial debacle? Let us know!

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