Keanu Reeves Has Given Away More Than What Most Will Ever Know Claims A Source
Keanu Reeves Is ‘Embarrassed’ About His Huge Earnings(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Keanu Reeves is apparently embarrassed about the money he has made throughout his career. We all know that the actor is labelled as the nicest guy in Hollywood, and there is good enough reason behind it. Keanu has time and again donated huge chunks of his salary. Previously it was reported that the actor gave away 70 percent of his earnings from The Matrix to cancer research.

Not such that but, The Matrix Resurrections star also has reportedly gifted the stunt team working with him on John Wick 4 a brand new Rolex Submariner watch worth $10,000. While talking about the niceness of the actor, it is now being said that Keanu is not proud of his earnings.

According to The Post, a longtime family friend of Keanu Reeves has revealed that the actor is “somewhat embarrassed about” making a lot of money. Some reports estimate that he has earned around $315 million. “Keanu’s given away a lot of money and done a lot more for people than most will ever know,” the family friend added.

“He knows how lucky he is. Unlike many Hollywood megastars, he never takes any of this for granted,” the source added while sharing how Keanu Reeves feels embarrassed about his huge earnings. It was also reported by PageSix that a Hollywood producer shared another act of generosity by the actor as he slipped a $20,000 bonus to a “Matrix” set builder after learning the crew member was having financial troubles.

“Keanu’s infamous for his generosity,” the producer said. “Trust me, stunt guys are all dying to work with Keanu. Not just for the gifts. It’s because he takes them so seriously and credits them with helping contribute to his success. Stuntmen, fight trainers — these people rarely get that,” they added.

We don’t have to wonder why people want to work with Keanu Reeves. Not only is he generous and kind, but Reeves is also a wonderful actor.

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