Kate Middleton Has Been "Murdered" While King Charles Is "Dead"? Here's A Fact Check On The Viral Royal Family Rumors!
Rumours About The Royal Family Have Been Going Viral(Photo Credit –Instagram)

The internet has been abuzz with conspiracy theories and fake news updates about the Royal Family. Rumours of ‘King Charles’s Death’ to ‘Kate Middle Murdered’, BBC being put on alert and even the UK flags being set on hold-mast having been circulating wildly on the internet. But after a whirlwind of reports, these claims have finally been fact-checked by a portal and deemed false.

Medical emergencies have surrounded the royals., and the people can’t believe it. After a series of official announcements about King Charles‘s cancer diagnosis and Kate Middleton‘s emergency abdominal surgery, the internet had theorized in their minds that something was very wrong with the royal family and these public figures were dead.

After thousands of posts and memes about the same. Finally, there is some resolution to a few months of rumors about the British Royal Family.

King Charles Is Not Dead, and Kate Middleton Is Fine

The reports and theories and people’s concern about the monarch’s health pivoted after his cancer diagnosis was made public. There were fake reports and announcements on social media after a Russian site ran the news that the Royal Family would make an announcement.

Things escalated so much that Buckingham Palace had to officially announce that King Charles III was fine and continuing his official and private business.

While the theories about Kate Middleton, Princess Of Wales, took on a life on their own and would need a whole other article to break down. Heres’s the gist; the princess was taken ill and had to go through an emergency surgery, as mentioned in the official announcement.

But because of her prolonged absence from the public eye, people on the internet started coming up with theories that the princess was either severely ill or was allegedly murdered. These theories caught fuel to fire after Photoshop failed. All of these rumours have been debunked. Because the Princess was spotted cheering on her children at a local event close to her children, as per reports.

Fake News of BBC Put On Alert and Flags Flying At Half-Mast

These rumors were getting out of hand day by day. Reports of the BBC news organization being on alert for emergency announcements were all false. These rumors circulated after the questions continued about the Princess Of Wales’s whereabouts. However, this rumor also needed to be confirmed after fact-checks and multiple confirmations from sources.

As rumors do, they spread like wildfire, and people add their versions of whispers. People also started saying that the flags at all royal estates were flying at half-mast, which happens after a royal’s passing. This rumor was also debunked.

Interest in the Royal Family’s has piqued over the last few months, which led to the birth of these fake rumors. However, as reported Kate Middleton, Princess Of Wales, will address the public’s concerns about her health at an event soon. And King Charles is determined to attend his official birthday celebrations on June 15.

So, now that these rumors have been debunked, the internet can take a break from detective work.

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