Kim Kardashian & Blake Lively Receive Mixed Reactions Over Comments About Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theories
Celebrities Like Kim Kardashian & Blake Lively Are Chiming In About Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theories. (Image Credit – Instagram)

The curious case of Kate Middleton, Princess Of Wales Absence has only worsened. The Internet is experimenting with peculiar conspiracy theories about her absence, which has sparked a meme fest; celebrities are just like us, right? Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively could not stop giving their two cents about the royal family drama.

Conspiracies About Kate Middleton

The latest clink in the Royal Family’s media armor is the barrage of conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess Of Wales. The Internet has been abuzz with concerns about Catherin, Princess of Wales because she has not been spotted out and about since Christmas last year. Sometime in January, officials put out the statement that she underwent a planned abdominal surgery and that all was well.

However, concerns were piqued about the Princess Of Wales when an official family portrait was taken offline due to manipulation concerns. The Internet decided that something had to be seriously wrong, giving birth to many conspiracy theories about the Princess, Prince William, and even King Charles.

Kim Kardashian & Blake Lively’s Comments Got Backlash

These conspiracy theories quickly became meme fodder, and even the most famous celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively got into the mix. Kardashian and Lively made jokes at the expense of the Princess of Wales. The reactions to this have been mixed but quite enjoyable.


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The Skimms Mogul captioned a recent picture, “On My Way To Go Find Kate,” which some thought was hilarious, while others thought it was distasteful.


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Blake, however, did not name drop the royal; instead, she posted her version of a photoshopped picture. The post was a promotional ad for her beverage brand. However, people in the comments did not like Lively mocking Kate’s situation.

The Internet is an exciting place. The news around Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, and the theories about her absence from the public eye have brewed up quite a storm, and all anyone is now waiting for answers.

The photoshopped pictures have only fueled the rumours. People now have trouble believing the grainy paparazzi picture of the Princess of Wales. So, the case continues.

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