Netizens bash Kanye West for mentioning Taylor Swift in new song
Kanye West mentions Taylor Swift in the new song(Photo Credit –YouTube/Instagram)

Yet again, Kanye West has mentioned Taylor Swift in his song. The singer recently dropped a new song, Carnival, and netizens immediately discovered that the lyrics mention the Lover singer’s name. The last time Kanye mentioned Taylor’s name in a song was 8 years ago.

For Carvinal, Kanye has teamed up with Ty Dolla Sign for the album Vultures. The lyrics are, “Why she says she sucked my d*ck? (Ha), Then she say she ain’t sucked my d*ck (Ha), She gon’ take it up the a** (Ha), like a ventriloquist (Ha), I mean since Taylor Swift (Ha) since I had the Rollie on the wrist (Ha).”

Netizens, especially Taylor fans, are miffed at Kanye for such questionable lyrics with her name. X (formerly Twitter) is filled with many such strong reactions bashing Kanye. One person wrote, “Kanye dropped her name, but the history between him and Taylor is so weird. in 2009 he was a 32 year old man who felt so threatened by a 19 year old. then he decided to show her likeness in a music video? now 15 years later he’s still whining about her.?? men are not okay. grow up.”

Another user shared, “kanye you’re so embarrassing, you’re so irrelevant you need to use taylor’s name”. One more person wrote, “kanye west the type of man who always falls into the sexist, disgusting and male chauvinist insults because otherwise he doesn’t know what to say against THE WOMAN that is taylor swift.”

A Twitter user mentioned how Kanye had interrupted Taylor Swift during VMA 2009 during her acceptance speech and how he’s obsessed with her. The user shared, “Someone said a few days ago that “Kanye interrupted Taylor in 2009, and the world has been apologizing to her since.” Honestly, we should be doing more apologizing because what is this shit? His obsession with her needs to be studied.”

Check out what netizens have to say about Kanye West’s new song:

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