Joker Trilogy Planned With Joaquin Phoenix?
Joaquin Phoenix To Reprise Joker For A Special Trilogy? (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Ever since Joaquin Phoenix walked down those stairs in his Joker attire in the spin-off Warner Bros movie, the world has not been the same. It brought him an Oscar for the best actor, whereas he was an anti-hero. The movie became the highest-earning R-rated movie ever, and the increase in the fanbase is infinite. There is no way DC is not planning to juice out the maximum from its highest-earning anti-hero ever.

There is also confirmation to Joker 2, and it is also confirmed that Todd Phillips has taken the writer’s seat for the sequel. If he is directing or not is a mystery. What is also a mystery is whether Joaquin will be reprising the Clown Prince Of Crime or not. While all of that stays, the latest report has the most exciting update of the day to offer and it brings back the Oscar winner for multiple flicks. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per the reports on We Got This Covered, the studio is now planning the widen the horizon for Joaquin Phoenix’s anti-hero. They want his Joker to have more meat in the DCEU and claim his corner in the realm forever. For this, they are planning to rope him for a complete trilogy and make him the centre of it. Isn’t this turning out to be the most exciting update already?

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