Johnny Depp's Friend Claims Amber Heard Used The Death Of His Mother To "Manipulate"
Johnny Depp’s Friend Makes New Claims About Amber Heard ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikimedia )

New claims about Amber Heard are again coming her way, and this time, it is Johnny Depp’s friend Doug Stanhope who isn’t holding back to calling out the actress over her alleged behaviour. Over the past few months, Heard has been on the receiving end of the backlash over her accusations of facing abuse from JD.

After their infamous defamation trial, Amber and Johnny have not stopped hitting the headlines every day. While the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has received massive support from fans, others have trolled and unwarranted sent hate towards the Aquaman actress.

Now, Johnny Depp’s confidante Doug Stanhope has talked about Amber Heard in his new book, No Encore for the Donkey, and has labelled her a “manipulator.” He has claimed that Amber seemed to use the actor’s moments of weakness to “manipulate” him. He recalled the time when Depp’s mother passed away and said, “His wife, Amber Heard, seemed to be f***ing with his head again.”

“I assume using this opportunity of his weakness to manipulate him even more, and harder,” Johnny Depp’s friend continued. “Amber Heard seemed to have played the part of Johnny’s ever-doting placater,” he added and also noted that it was “almost inconceivable to think that Depp, or anyone that famous, could be trapped in this kind of abyss of the heart.”

“That someone of his stature would have to be tap dancing on the hour to avoid the sh*t and vitriol of a relentlessly scheming and belittling opportunist – was at minimum disheartening,” Doug said.

While talking about Heard and Depp, recently Amber Heard‘s sister Whitney called out MTV for the actor’s cameo as the Moonman. Depp made an appearance at the VMAs 2022 after his face was superimposed on the Moonman. Amber’s sister found it “disgusting” and “desperate” to have him at the award show.

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