Petition To Hire Back Johnny Depp In Pirates Of The Caribbean Grows Stronger
Fans Still At Convincing Disney To Rehire Johnny Depp In Pirates Of The Caribbean(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

While for Disney head honchos, they can see the future of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, with or without Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Or at least they have to right now without any other choice. But that is not the case with the fans of the former Fantastic Beast actor, who don’t want the studio to go ahead without him. While they continue to protest his snub, they won’t be silent until Depp is brought back.


If you are late to the party, Disney is planning multiple Pirates Of The Caribbean projects as per the rumour mill. The strongest speculations are about two. One that has Margot Robbie giving a female twist to the pirates, and another whose details stay under the wrap neatly. But unlike Warner Bros going vocal about snubbing Johnny Depp, Disney has maintained silence. But the gossip spreads like wildfire.


The reports that the studio is not planning to reprise Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow reached far and wide, and fans could not process what they heard. While social media flooded with hate for everyone who decided to cut off ties with Johnny, a petition was filed at the same time. The petition said that Disney should continue starring Depp in the Pirates project and not snub in.

If We Got This Covered is to be believed now, the petition is still trending and there is no way fans are stopping until the final casting for both the projects is announced. The petition has reached 600k signatures already. It is 2,000 signatures away from reaching 600,000, and looking at the craze, that won’t take much time.

Meanwhile, it is being said that Robert Downey Jr has been helping his close pal Johnny Depp in bouncing back in Hollywood. Depp has been in talks for various projects, none confirmed but the buzz is strong. What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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