Jane Seymour is 'full-blooded woman'
Jane Seymour is ‘full-blooded woman’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Jane Seymour )

Actress Jane Seymour says she is flattered to be considered a s*x symbol and is thankful to people for considering her a full-blooded woman.

“I don’t quite understand what a s*x symbol means, but am I still a full-blooded woman? Definitely! And 69, to me, just appears to be a number. (It’s) flattering. I’m feeling incredibly healthy and well,” Seymour said, according to a femalefirst.co.uk report.

The 69-year-old actress added that she feels lucky that she can “represent (her) own age group” on screen and also play younger characters.

“At the same time, I think it’s lovely that I get to play the 70- and 80-year-olds I’m playing and really represent my own age group onscreen as well. I also often play younger than me,” Seymour, who has been married four times, told people.com.

Recently the actress shared that she used her divorces to make herself a better person.

“(The most important thing I learned) is to let go. To try to find a way to communicate and keep what was good in the relationship. Especially when co-parenting. And I tried to look at my side of things: ‘What could I have done differently?’ But it’s hard when you’re a mother and you work,” Seymour said.

“It means sometimes you’re gone. And sometimes you may be in a relationship where they would rather that you were there 24/7 and never worked. That hasn’t actually been the case with me, but that’s the only thing I can look at that I did really wrong — I went to work. But I was providing for the whole family, so it’s very hard,” she added.

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