James Cameron Once Said James Bond Movies Are Rotten
When James Cameron Said, “James Bond Movies Are Rotten At Their Core” ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia; IMDb )

James Cameron, the only director to give three of the five highest-grossing movies of all time: ‘Avatar,’ ‘Titanic,’ and ‘Avatar: The Way of Water, once shared his views on the James Bond movies. While it is a known fact that the director took inspiration from the 1994 film True Lies, he also took the franchise under heavy criticism. Read on ahead when Cameron found the James Bond movies “rotten at their core”.

Back in 1991, Arnold Schwarzenegger brought an idea based on a family man who moonlighted as a secret agent to the Titanic director. The actor pitched the idea after watching a 1991 French action film titled La Totale! And pitched it to the director. As Cameron was convinced by the idea, he realised it could be a subversion to the James Bond franchise.

James Cameron then suggested adding comedy to the story of True Lies and explained, “Arnold knew I could handle the action. But I’d never done a comedy! So I came up with crazy stuff like him doing the tango with this exotic girl he meets at this mansion party.” During a conversation with Movieline back in 1998, the director said, “The James Bond films are rotten at their core. The guy’s a womanizing drunk. He’s a complete scumbag; he really is. It’s male fantasy: I’m married and faithful, but I’d really like to be that guy and have a different woman every other night.”

However, the James Bond franchise garnered a solid global audience over the years, eventually transforming into a cultural phenomenon for the pop culture world. The cinematic translations of Ian Fleming’s iconic novels have been admired by fans worldwide, but the Avatar director James Cameron did not like the spy movie series much!

Not to forget that the James Bond movies still have to find a new lead post Daniel Craige’s departure from the titular role!

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