Titanic Director James Cameron Brutally Trolled For 'Flexing' Over The Dead In The Titan Submarine Mishap
James Cameron Brutally Trolled For Claiming “Spent More Time On Titanic Than The Captain Of The Ship” Amidst Titan Submarine Mishap ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

The past few days kept the internet hooked to all the details regarding the submarine Titan, which went on an expedition to explore the Titanic wreck. However, it was recently confirmed that the submarine exploded, and all the five billionaires who were on an adventure of a lifetime died. While the internet is mourning the dead, director James Cameron has been brutally trolled for his claims and expert comments on the incident.

In an interview recently, Cameron decided to decode what might have happened with the Titan. He even said that he suspected a disaster as soon as he knew that the sub had lost its navigation and communication at the same time. However, since he was on a ship himself, he did not know about the submarine going missing until Monday!

Talking to ABC, James Cameron even claimed that he had completed 33 dives to the wreck of Titanic. But his next statement is receiving a lot of flak amidst the Titan submarine tragedy. Cameron said, “I have been down there many times. I know the wreck site very well as my friend Bob Ballard. I’ve made 33 dives, and actually calculated that I’ve spent more time on the ship (Titanic) than the captain did back in the day.”

James Cameron’s statement did not go down well with the internet which believed that the director was flexing his genius at the worst time possible. Users even trolled him on a thread shared by a Twitter handle Discussing Films, where the statement by the Titanic director was shared. A user wrote, “He never set foot in the Titanic, so he spent 0 minutes on it!” Some even questioned his expertise over the subject and wrote, “Why didn’t he go find the submarine?” Another user brutally trolled him and wrote, “Disagree, didn’t the captain die on the ship over 110 years ago? Checkmate James.”

Some Twitter users called out James for flexing his Titanic knowledge at a time when people were dead. A user wrote, “James, not the right time to be bragging, bro.” While another pointed out his opportunistic statements saying, “When is coming to the next movie, The Titan?” Another troll wrote, “Why wasn’t he the captain of Oceangate.”

Another user warned the director, “Now stop, or you might not be around after the next time.” A comment pointed out the narcissism in his statements and wrote, “I’m the best human ever to live.”

Users even posted memes to troll James Cameron over comparing the Titanic tragedy and the Titan submarine mishap as he explained that the sub might have imploded.

For the unversed, Titan submarine was run by OceanGate Expeditions which ran the undersea mission to a visit to the Titanic. 5 people were on board, all on an adventure trip but lost their lives. ‘Titanic’ director James Cameron opened up on the ‘catastrophic implosion’ of Titan submersible while talking to ABC and said: “I’m struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about ice ahead of his ship and yet he steamed at full speed into an ice field.”

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