Journalist Matt Donnelly Ends Up Spoiling MCU's Biggest Surprise, Fan's Enraged Over Harry Styles' Spoiler
Matt Donnelly’s Spoiler From Marvel’s Eternals Has Made Harry Styles’ Fans Really Upset (Photo Credit: Wikimedia, Twitter & Facebook)

We all know how Marvel Cinematic Universe preserves its secrets and how good they are at it. With the rumours going on about Harry Styles making his entrance in MCU, Marvel studious have kept their mouth shut about the chances of it being true, making the fans more excited about the speculation

Although it seems like their plans have gone for a toss as the secrets were spilt on social media. This particular Variety journalist not only revealed the singer’s arrival in the MCU but also confirmed his role in the long-running superhero universe.

Yes, it was Matt Donnelly who took to Twitter and said that Harry Styles will be playing Thano’s brother Eros in MCU. “Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos,” his tweet read. Although Marvel Studios have yet to confirm this reveal to be true, Marvel and One Direction fans were really displeased by the reveal.

Here are some of the fans reactions:

For the unversed, Eros is Thanos’ brother and also known as Starfox, who is the complete opposite to his galaxy conquering brother. Comics defines him as an intergalactic womaniser/playboy. Though he is considered a hero he also has a mischievous trait.

Talking about Eternals, the movie is about a new group of superheroes who have been living on earth for more than thousands of years. They have guided humans away from extinction while hiding until the time came to fight the deviants.

Eternals releases here in Indian cinemas on November 5.

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