Harry Potter: Do You Know Why Daniel Radcliffe's Eye Colour Is Blue In The Films Rather Than Dark Green As In Books?
Harry Potter: Do You Know Why Daniel Radcliffe’s Eye Colour Is Blue In The Films Rather Than Dark Green As In Books?

When JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter book series it turned out to be huge. Kids loved it and the success made the way for an immensely successful film series as well. Even though the last part of the Harry Potter film series released in 2011 it’s still loved and remembered by the fans.

The spectacles and blue eyes of Harry Potter became quite a rage among kids and teenagers. But do you know, the colour of his eyes was supposed to be dark green earlier instead of Daniel Radcliffe’s original blue eyes? Yes! As the colour of Harry Potter’s eyes in the book series is dark green, Producer David Heyman was confused.



As per Mentalfloss, when the first Harry Potter film Sorcerer’s Stone was in pre-production, David called Rowling to discuss the issue and choices they have. He told her about trying green contacts and suggested to change the eye colour during post-production. But he was wondering how important it is for Harry Potter to have a green colour.

Thankfully Rowling’s reply was a relief especially for Daniel Radcliffe who faced troubles due to contacts. He was, in fact, allergic to the glasses too which got him acne. Rowling while answering the query of David said the only thing which is really important is that Harry’s eyes’ colour should be the same as his mother’s. So she suggested whoever plays Lily Potter should have some resemblance with Daniel Radcliffe.

That’s how they went ahead! Isn’t that interesting?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone proved to be huge at the box office as it released in 2001. Directed by Chris Columbus, the film starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and others did a $1 billion + business worldwide. In the USA alone, it did a business of more than $318 million.

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