Hamilton: 12 Hours Of Total Duration, 144 Words Per Minute - Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda REVEALS Crazy Facts
Hamilton: 12 Hours Of Total Duration, 144 Words Per Minute – Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda REVEALS Crazy Facts

Hamilton is taking over social media for its awe and amazing attempt at narrating the impeccable story of America’s one of the founding fathers through a Broadway show. It’s showrunner, lyric writer, and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda has shared some very interesting details about the show.

For even those who haven’t watched Hamilton, have you ever thought how many words per minute a Broadway show should be of? Well, with the pace and lyrics these shows come in, they tend to pack a lot within a crisp amount of time.



In an interview with Grantland, deservingly titled as ‘Genius’, Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about how much long Hamilton would’ve been if they would’ve followed the average pace of other Broadway shows. 12 hours long! Yes, it would’ve been 12 hours long which now is 2 hours 40 minutes.

Fivethirtyeight did some calculation and the total count of words of Hamilton is 20,520. Which means, the show throws an average of 144 words per minute. Which is HUGE! The report also states that its fast songs exhale 200 words per minute.

In his conversation with Grantland, showrunner Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “You could do a Les Mis–type musical about Hamilton, but it would have to be 12 hours long because the number of words on the bars when you’re writing a typical song — that’s maybe got 10 words per line. Whereas here we can cram all this shit in all the margins.”

He also added, “One of the last things I wrote for the show was one more fast rap for Lafayette before he hands off a letter. Because I had Daveed. And he’s just the fucking best. And there was an opportunity. It was just them vamping, like, ‘Get your right-hand man back, unh, get your right-hand man back [scratches].’ And it was like, no — we will fill that with stuff. It’s like Mad Magazine, where Sergio Aragonés is drawing cartoons in between the cartoons. There’s a lot of that in the show. I could just fill it with everything I think I know and the story allows that because it’s such a rich story. So, OK, I’m going to write a ‘Peter Piper’–type rap for ‘Washington on Your Side’ and have them all trading back and forth, yeah. It allowed me to make a paella because it’s so rich.”

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