Hailey Bieber Says It Was Difficult In The Early Days To Aid Justin Bieber Navigate His Sobriety
Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Helping Justin Bieber To Get Through His Drug Addiction(Pic Credit: Instagram/haileybieber)

Hailey Bieber has been there for Justin Bieber even during his darkest times. The pair have been vocal about their relationship, along with the tough times that they have endured. Previously, the model spoke about why she decided to stay together with Justin despite all the hiccups. She talked about how she knew that the singer was the one for her even if they faced challenges.

Before that, Justin and Hailey have also talked about wanting a baby together. The Peaches singer said that he wanted to start a family with his wife and even hinted about starting to try to have a baby from the end of this year.



The two also mentioned JB’s battle with marijuana, alcohol and other drug addiction in his YouTube docuseries, Justin Bieber: Seasons. Now, recently, Hailey Bieber revealed on Victoria’s Secrets voices podcast that helping Justin navigate his sobriety was “extremely difficult” for her. She said that it brought back the memories of father Stephen Baldwin’s struggle with his addictions.

“There’s a lot of addiction that runs in our family, like, not even just my dad but a lot of other people on that side of my family struggled with a lot of different things,” Hailey Bieber said. She further added while talking about helping Justin Bieber fight his addictions, “Looking back on times of drug use and being in some dark spaces and having to kind of go back there was extremely difficult.”

Hailey added, “I was always really, really close to my dad… he was just always, like, extremely open about why being sober was what worked for him and why we needed to be sober and what alcoholic behavior looks like, and where that comes out.”

“Being like, “Hey, where are you at with this?” I’ve had times where I would get nervous, [asking Justin], “Are you OK to do this? Because you did have a time in your life where it was not OK for you and it as dark time for you,” Hailey Bieber continued while talking about her husband, Justin Bieber.

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