God Of War's Stealth Meets Wolverine's Swag In This Fan-Art & THIS Is How It Should've Been
God Of War’s Stealth Meets Wolverine’s Swag In This Fan-Art & THIS Is How It Should’ve Been

When we think of Wolverine, one name that comes to our mind is Hugh Jackman. But it has been learnt that the actor will be recast when it makes it foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However today we are not talking about the actor but the character.

With the X-Men character entering the MCU, God of War designer Raf Grassetti has shared glimpses of how he feels Wolverine should look like. And honestly, we are dumb stuck with the look that is done to near perfection! Also, DO NOT miss out on the mesmerizing claws that Wolverine has got.



Raf Grassetti shared the new Wolverine look with a caption that read, “SNIKT”. Check out the look here:

While it is not clear as to who will be the new Wolverine after Hugh Jackman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actor Antony Starr has been very vocal about his interest to be a part of the show. A certain report in Comicbook has quoted the actor saying, “Big shoes to fill, man. Jackman’s pretty much put his mark on that, hasn’t he? So, I never say never, man – but at the moment, I’m just enjoying what we’re doing here. I mean, to be honest, Wolverine doesn’t wear spandex, which is definitely a negative for me. I do like the feel of tight pants, you know, if they can tighten the jeans up, maybe. We can get some kind of tight leather jeans going on – or maybe a pants suit. I could be tempted…”

While there are no two thoughts that Hugh Jackman will not return to his X-Men character of Wolverine in MCU, we have seen crazy things happen. So if not for Hugh, do let us know which actor would you like to see stepping in his shoes in the comments section below.

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