Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review: First impressions – half-hearted; now, I don’t know the half empty heart is because I came out of the finale with mixed feelings or because I’m already out of it all. What started as yet-another-fantasy-show ended today.


What started with a battle between a few houses, ended battling an emotional disruption it created since day 1. Yes, I agree the last season was indeed disappointing and the makers are to be blamed to gift us more-than-enough gut-wrenching moments in the previous episode.

Game Of Thrones #TheFinalEpisode Review: I Am PISSED & Here's Why!
Game Of Thrones #TheFinalEpisode Review: I Am PISSED & Here’s Why!

Many will state the final episode as predictable, but not many will address how did we predict it all? Over the years of the show, there have been theories – most of them go untrue but we’ve learned to track the pattern of the makers. They wanted us to predict a face-off between Jon and Dany – but was it just a face-off between the two?

Dany has the reason for Jon – to break the wheel but as Maester Aemon was quoted in the episode, “Love is powerful than reason.” Jon chose love over the reason, and we saw what happened. Is everyone happy with the chosen King? As the makers try to fit in all the leftover pieces to finish off this gory puzzle, we see the fate of the Starks towards the end of the show.


The last episode’s one of the best highlights was Dany-Drogon’s ‘Simba & Mufasa’ moment, and Jon’s confrontation with the ‘last of Starks’. Season 8 had three major episodes – one saw the killing of The Night King, others saw Dany’s transformation to the Mad Queen & this one, where it all ended. Every one of them had enough material to go on for three more seasons – WHY they chose to end? RR Martin gave them the material to continue this with all respect intact, WHY they chose to end?

Work on the prequel is already in progress, but whenever it comes, it’ll always force us to remember how its sequel ended. A very good season if you watch it on a standalone basis, but when you remember the Hardhome, Battle Of The Bastards and Blackwater, it’s then you realise the mess & chaos created by the makers to end it all.

Am I pissed now? Probably yes! But I also know, I won’t be for a long time because once it all settles in, we all have to accept the fact & move on with the sudden deaths given by the makers till now.

An era ends! The era of whores, wines & winter, the era of people backstabbing each other, the era of choosing love over incest, the era of a Queen who has birth to the triplets of dragons, the era which started with everything and ended with nothing.

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