FRIENDS Trivia #3: Not David Schwimmer AKA Ross, Lisa Kudrow AKA Phoebe Had The Most EPIC Marriage!
FRIENDS Trivia #3: Not David Schwimmer AKA Ross, Lisa Kudrow AKA Phoebe Had The Most EPIC Marriage!

We hoped you liked our yesterday’s FRIENDS trivia on Courteney Cox aka Monica Geller revolutionising women orgasms with her seven act. Today, we rather have something more interesting. David Schwimmer aka Ross’ first failed marriage is known to one and all, but what if we tell you it was Phoebe who had the most epic wedding?

Although these would be remembered by most fans, Phoebe had actually fallen in love with a guy who was a Canadian ice dancer but eventually turned out to be gay. Season 2 Episode 4, you guys, where she reveals to all her FRIENDS that she is married, and she did that to help Duncan get a green card in the state. He had called her for a meeting and despite knowing his preferences, she decided to go meet him all decked up, hoping for her luck to strike!

However, the funny part came in when she entered his place with huge expectations of a reconciliation, but instead what happened what him asking for a divorce. Yes, that’s what he called her for because Duncan wanted to get married to another woman (as he eventually he realised he wasn’t gay after all). This leaves Lisa Kudrow’s character super sad, who even goes onto ask if he thinks they could have been a thing had he realised his preference before.

Want to revisit the entire memory along with the FRIENDS revealing all each other’s secrets? Yes, this is the one where they got to know Chandler (Matthew Perry) has a third nipple and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was part of an adult movie!

So, while Ross had a baby with a woman who was gay, Phoebe, on the other hand, did it to help his ex-boyfriend gain a green card. I mean, c’mon, I would still be on Ross’ side on this one (at least he didn’t have any idea)

Revisit the good old sequence below:

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