Michael Buble ended wedding night with hamburgers instead of getting intimate
Michael Buble ended wedding night with hamburgers instead of getting intimate(Pic Credit: Instagram/michaelbuble)

Singer Michael Buble has revealed his wife Luisa Lopilato was so “hammered” on their wedding night in Vancouver that they ended the evening eating hamburgers rather than getting intimate.

However, the Vancouver nuptials didn’t quite go to plan for the ‘I’ll Never Not Love You’ singer because Luisa got “hammered” and opted to eat fast food rather than make love once the reception was over, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Appearing on the ‘Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware’ podcast, he spilled: “We had two weddings… this might be controversial but I think people who put on destination weddings are a******* … For the family that couldn’t afford to come, that couldn’t pay to come… I put on a thing for them too.

“So we did the wedding in Buenos Aires, it was beautiful; it was like a Cinderella wedding … She got everything she wanted. She’s so famous that when we came down the street, all the streets were closed off and there were people in the balconies throwing — it was like a movie.”

Recalling how his second wedding night vastly differed, he added: “My wife was hammered and she kept saying to people at the party, ‘We are going to have sex or we are going to have hamburgers,’ and I kept saying, ‘Babe stop telling people that’. Our wedding ended, that night, with her eating this hamburger.”

Buble also opened up on how he and Luisa met, and he is convinced that fate brought them together because after thinking he would never see the blonde beauty again following a brief chance encounter, the ‘Casados con Hijos’ star ended up asking him for a photo at his hotel in Buenos Aries back in 2008.

The music star, who had been in a relationship with British actress Emily Blunt, said: “I was doing a show in Buenos Aries and I had come out of a really bad break-up, you know, and I had my grandpa with me and he was my best friend … As I was coming out of the theatre of the basement, I saw this girl from across the thing.”

“I looked at my grandpa and I said, ‘Grandpa, I’ve just seen the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m sure I’m never going to see this woman again.’

“Hours later I was getting hammered in a hotel restaurant after the show and I was well lit. My friend Susan said, ‘Michael there’s some people here that wanted to have pictures, its Argentina’s most famous movie star’.'”

“And I said, ‘You know, Susan I’m hammered. I don’t really want to meet anybody and look a fool’. And she said, ‘I think you might want to meet this person’, and there she was, with the most handsome dude you’ve ever seen’,” Michael Buble concluded.

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