Here’s why Vin Diesel did NOT inform Michelle Rodriguez that her character was coming back from the dead!
Here’s why Vin Diesel did NOT inform Michelle Rodriguez that her character was coming back from the dead! ( Photo Credit – Getty images / IMDb )

For all the Fast & Furious fans, the death of Letty’s character in the fourth instalment (Fast & Furious in 2019) gave them nothing but heartbreak! The movie then led to Dom (Vin Diesel) and Bryan (Paul Walker) avenging her death much to the delight of one and all. However, fans were in for a pleasant shock and surprise in the post-credit scene of Fast Five.

It was nothing they could have ever imagined as they saw Special Agent Fuentes (Eva Mendes), who was last seen in 2 Fast 2 Furious, handling a file to Special Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). While it consisted of a somewhat blurry photo, it was pretty clear who everyone was looking at —Letty.

With that, it turns out that Letty wasn’t actually dead at all, and that was just as much as a surprise to the actress playing her as it was to everyone else.

In the weekly podcast with EW, Michelle Rodriguez opens up about how she had no idea that they were bringing her character back and, with that, how Vin Diesel is a man of his words. “I had no idea. Originally when I said yes to it, I said yes to it with the exception that they would test an alternative ending with me living because I knew that the audience didn’t want that. There was already a very low representation for women, period. And there’s a lot of women who love racing cars all around the world. And to take that away from them with the one character that was really kick ass, I didn’t think that it’s what people wanted,” the actress says.

Michelle Rodriguez later adds how surprised she was when she found out about her character coming back. “And I didn’t find out about it until I actually went to go see Fast 5, and I saw the tag ending. I was in Paris. Vin Diesel didn’t even tell me. He was like, ‘Don’t worry about this. I got this,’” she said.

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