Fast & Furious 9 Theory Reveals How Vin Diesel Can End Up In Space & The Reason Is John Cena
Fast & Furious 9 Theory Reveals How Vin Diesel Can End Up In Space & The Reason Is John Cena

The fans of the Fast & Furious franchise have always wanted a film of the series to be set in space. And this dream is all set to be fulfilled now! It was recently confirmed that Fast & Furious 9 will be set in space and the news was nothing less than a great manifestation for fans. And it’s going to be even more special because the franchise will mark its 20 years when the film releases in 2021.

Now ever since the confirmation has been made, fans can’t stop thinking about the story of F&F 9. The question that how will the film and its cast will end up in space is making everyone curious.

A theory regarding the same has arrived now and we believe it will help you get some peace. Or it will end up making you even more curious, we don’t know! The theory by Screen Rant suggests that the retirement of Dom (Vin Diesel) is short-lived after his villainous brother Jakob Toretto (John Cena) teams up with criminal mastermind Cipher (Charlize Theron). The theory also takes some hints from The Fate Of The Furious which introduced hijacked missiles and submarines. According to this, it’s possible that cyberterrorist Cipher has put the world to a huge threat by hacking some kind superweapon or satellite. And since the threat has been caused by Dom’s brother, he may feel a responsibility to go in the space and solve the issue.

Meanwhile, Michelle Rodriguez who plays Letty earlier revealed in an interview that her character is “not lucky enough to hit space.” This means that the space mission of Dom can well be a solo one.

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