Why Emma Thompson had to wear compression boots for 'Matilda'
Why Emma Thompson had to wear compression boots for ‘Matilda'(Photo Credit –IANS)

Celebrated actress Emma Thompson has discovered that she is “sort of” no longer as invulnerable as she thought.

‘The Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’ star, 63, said: “Whilst I’m strong, because I’m getting older, I can hurt myself, and that was interesting,” reports People magazine.



During the production of her new film, ‘Matilda the Musical’, “I fell over for no good reason and fractured my ankle,” said Emma Thompson, who transformed herself into the role of Miss Trunchbull.

“And I thought, ‘That’s kind of weird, I’ve never hurt myself like that. Huh, that’s because I’m getting older. My body’s changing and I’ve got to be more careful with it,” Emma Thompson added.

According to People, Thompson then had to wear a compression boot on the ‘Matilda’ set, “I said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’ve got to wear the boot,'” she recalled.

She further mentioned: “They said, ‘It’s okay, you’re doing a stunt today.’ I said, ‘What? I’ve just fractured my ankle.’ They said, ‘It’s okay, we’re just turning you upside down. It’s fine, you’re on a crane.’ I said, ‘Okay, all right then.'”

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