Ed Sheeran’s Blue Monster Arrived in India to Deliver Orders on Swiggy 
Ed Sheeran’s Blue Monster Arrived in India to Deliver Orders on Swiggy  (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Ed Sheeran Breaks the Internet by replying to Swiggy, users go crazy ordering to witness the Blue Monster deliver their food

Subtract, which is Ed Sheeran’s most personal album, is out and is being showered with love from India and all over the world. To surprise Ed’s Indian fanbase, the food delivery platform Swiggy with a partnership with Warner Music India, had kickstarted a unique marketing strategy.

Customers got a pleasant surprise last weekend when they noticed an adorable big blue monster take over the Swiggy homepage and, on a skateboard making his way to deliver orders on the app! Things got even more interesting when Swiggy tweeted at Ed Sheeran, initiating a fun banter between the two that saw multiple other brands like Disney India and Amazon miniTV joining in! The Blue Monster, a beloved character from Ed Sheeran’s music video for ‘Eyes Closed’ which is the first single from his latest album ‘Subtract. Fans of Ed Sheeran were also stoked to see the blue monster coming to deliver their order and took to social media to express excitement and happiness.

Swiggy posted a tweet where they are asking customers to guess what Ed Sheeran is eating in the photo, many users commented saying ‘Biryani’, ‘Bhel Puri’ ‘Chole Bhature’, and then Ed cleared the mystery and then Ed revealed he was eating chips without ketchup.

Swiggy tweeted to Ed Sheeran, showing his order is on the way and is being delivered by everyone’s favourite ‘Blue Monster’. Ed tweeted back, saying he is loving this.

We also saw fans going weak in their knees for the aww-dorable Blue Monster and could contain their happiness when the Blue Monster came to deliver their food.

Links for fun Twitter interaction among fans, Ed Sheeran and Swiggy

Ed Sheeran HQ on Twitter: “Love this @Swiggy 💙” / Twitter

Swiggy on Twitter: “what’s ed sheeran eating here? wrong answers only.

Swiggy on Twitter: .@edsheeran, your order is on the way

Sushmita Sinha on Twitter: “I know it’s a bad idea, but how can I help myself – ordering more food when the delivery looks like THIS! 😂💙 @Swiggy @edsheeran #EdSheeran

#EyesClosed #SadBlueMonster

Lil ninja on Twitter: “Delivery by such a cute blue monster?! I’m gonna keep my ‘Eyes Closed’ and just wait for my order 💙 @Swiggy @edsheeran #EdSheeran #EyesClosed


Jay Kothari on Twitter: “Hey yo, @swiggy – @edsheeran called, he wants his cute blue monster back! 🙈😂

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