Dumb And Dumber Star Jeff Daniels: "The Comey Rule Reminds People NOT To Believe Everything Coming Out Of The White House"
Dumb And Dumber Star Jeff Daniels: “The Comey Rule Reminds People NOT To Believe Everything Coming Out Of The White House” (Image Credit: Facebook/Jeff Daniels and IMDb)

Hollywood actor Jeff Daniels, who essays the role of James Comey in ‘The Comey Rule‘, recently spoke up about his career saying that there was a time when he picked projects to support his family. He also added that he is glad that he has reached a point where he can now risk failure and challenge himself.

The Dumb And Dumber actor spoke about the series saying that people shouldn’t believe everything that comes out of the White House. Read it all below.

Talking about his career, Jeff Daniels said, “There have been two phases to my career. One was to take the best of things that you are offered at the time because I have to work so much a year just to support my family. So certainly, and I’d say everything leading up to ‘The Newsroom’ was what was the best out there and let’s go get it. Sometimes, it ended up being really good projects like ‘The Purple Rose Of Cairo’, ‘Something Wild’ and ‘Dumb And Dumber’. It just blew through and made an impact. It wasn’t just doing a movie that people forget.”

The actor mentioned that it was his political drama television series ‘The Newsroom’ which got him interested in the craft again. He said, “After ‘The Newsroom’, I got interested again about acting and staying with it, versus just going (with it). ‘The Newsroom’ bought me 10 years, and bought me ‘Godless’, ‘The Looming Tower’, Atticus Finch (role in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’), Broadway, and it bought me ‘The Comey Rule’. These are all complicated roles that risk failure every time you go out there.”

The 65-year-old actor continued, “After 44 years of doing this, what I need to do is risk failure and challenge myself, in order to stay interested. I’ve been lucky in that later in my career. I’ve gotten those opportunities.”

At the moment, Jeff Daniels is getting applauds for his portrayal as the former FBI Director James Comey in mini-series ‘The Comey Rule’. Co-tarring Brendan Gleeson as US President Donald Trump, the two-part series explores the relationship between the two powerful men, and gives audience a view into the inside world of powerful people. It is based on Comey’s bestselling book A Higher Loyalty.

With voting for the US presidential election underway, the actor feels the show can inform people to make a more sounded judgement.

“I don’t know about influence, but I think it can inform people… The show will give people more information about something that they think they know, but they don’t really… We’re smarter now than we were four years ago. And my hope is that ‘The Comey Rule’ reminds people not to believe everything you hear coming out of the White House. There are still people who do, but there are many people who did but don’t any longer. There are two sides to this particular story. One is that Trump says Comey is a liar. ‘The Comey Rule’ is the other side to the story. Now go vote,” he said.

‘The Comey Rule’ is available on Voot Select in India. For more news and updates, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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